Praise & Worship, Choir and Sexual Immorality

Praise & Worship, Choir and Sexual Immorality

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Yes, you read it right. Sexual immorality amongst the guys who lead us to worship. I have been to several churches in my life. I have interacted with several people and mostly those in the choirs and one thing stood out.

That these are the most cherished people in the church. Almost every church member wants to be like them. They receive every praise there is because they are the reason tears are shed and tongues flamed with all kinds of groan.

Personally, and to many others, I have always thought the guy who kneels on the altar weeping and praying in tongues seems perfect. I thought that they were closer to God, they were fully sanctified and are only awaiting glorification.

I mean, how can you lead multitudes of people to worship I Am? How can you, with just a melodious voice break hearts and wet the eyes that are ever dry? One thing baffled me as it also does to many, why do most cases of sexual immorality exist in choirs and praise and worship groups?

In most churches be it those in the village, those in cities or those abroad, the issue of sexual immorality is constant in church singers. But why? We had this discussion in the Silomasays WhatsApp group and someone had this to say.

I think it’s because they think that they are soo righteous in that it’s like they sleep in heaven and coming to fellowship on earth then they go back forgetting that they are still human beings.

This member insinuated that pride exists among the singers. I affirm that it does. I have been playing church music as a pianist after high school and for the better part of my two years in ministry, I witnessed lots of things.

I saw people who felt more important than others because they now serve in ministry. I have seen people changing their wardrobe specifically because someone as important as them are supposed to dress in a certain way.

I have witnessed people who changed their characters and developed a lingo to suit the status of their new positions. In most churches, almost every new convert jumps into praise and worship. Praise and worship guys speak their own language. There is something impeccable about their looks.

The society views them through another lens and from another angle because they are well dressed, they lead a multitude to God and now speak a new language, the lingo of salvation.

No sooner do they become everyone’s favorite than a whole new scandal erupts. They are suddenly involved in something big. Something that is not believed by the hearts of many. They become the talk of after-service gossip as many dispel the thought that such a saint can do such a thing.

Ironically it takes a lot for congregants to believe that so and so did this and that. It is until the pastor announces that ‘The following have been banned from ministering in this church’ that many congregants will believe that someone did something out of the ordinary.

What follows is a nightmare, the very same people who praised the young men are the ones who now regard them as filth, agents of the devil whose work is to have sex and dirtify the altar.

They become bad examples in conversations and the very same church members who shed tears when so and so led worship now frowns when they sit next to them after being demoted to the normal congregations.

They have all names stamped on them. They are gossiped even after-prayer meetings and it reaches a point when the congregants tell them to their face, ‘You are full of filth and what you did was wrong, how could you? Do you know how many people have lost faith because you became a bad example?’

They then feel dejected, they feel unworthy and as they over-hear the worldly people saying, ‘It is better to sin than ‘play with God’, they become tempted to give up on salvation.’

Some people, especially married couples reach out to talk to these young people but it is sad that many go with the holier and thou mentality. These people open up to them but are later betrayed because they overhear their story elsewhere because mama nanii told mama nanii that they not only did this and this but also did that and that.

Fellow praise and worship members distance themselves because they do not want to be seen as dirty. The beauty, glam, life and smile is reduced to sadness, loneliness and gloom and this troubled soul wonders why he/she confessed and repented his sin to Christ but people never forgive him/her.

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The troubled soul tries to reach out to a confidant who is ironically busy. Fellow praise and worship members and church people now talk behind his back but one person, a friend who is not a Christian is always ready to talk to him. The friend gives him a new worldview that Christianity is crap, the Church is overrated and is just but a human institution.

With these, several things happen. There are those who change where they fellowship. This is because they cannot stand the ridicule and the gossip. They find another church and they feel that this is a safe haven for them. This may or may not work out

There are those who stay in the church, there are those who acknowledge defeat and face the ridicule, the name-calling and gossip. It hurts them deep inside but they accept the demotion and after a while, they are back to the altar, moving hearts more than before. These are usually very few.

There are those who know that music defines them and they cannot do without music. They know that they have talents and that God gave them that gift so that they can sing in church as they have fun and as music completes them. These people can do anything it takes to get back to the set.

There are those who that moment in their life defines them. They still remain in church but have a complete change in character. They speak less, they hate people, they hate the friends they associated with and now know that everything is about them and God and not them and humans. They somehow elevate themselves above humans keeping in mind that humans are wicked.

There are those now who cannot stand the shame and immediately quit the church. These people are those who took the praise and worship ministry as a job. They fire themselves before they get fired and are nowhere to be seen. These people are easily convinced and swayed into other beliefs and doctrines.

There are those who persevere a little but give up along the way. These people try to look good and cover up for their mistakes and when they see that no one views them differently after trying too much, they give up on their belief altogether. They ask themselves where the Jesus who says saves, restores and heals us of our past is.

These people give up and become don’t cares. They have sex the more. They dive deep into worldly vices e.g. Alchohol and drugs and even flaunt before the same believers who they ministered to. They love it.

Their talk is always negative towards the church. They unleash their disappointments in conversations e.g. in bars, sports events, social media etc. Conversations about the world stir them up because the pain they experienced in the church changed their perception. They become the Devil’s advocate. Sadly, they move masses with their negative speech.

These are some of the occasions that happen when the people in praise and worship sin and are ridiculed and trash talked. Well, because they brought us before the Lord, they should be like Jesus. I mean, they should be whiter than snow, perfect, blameless and without blemish.

We expect so high of them and that they shouldn’t be like any of us. In turn, their pride builds and they see themselves different from the rest. Let’s try to decipher what really leads to all these.

I have interacted with many members of praise and worship and something is constant about most of them. Many do not know the word – Many know nothing about the word of God.

They rarely read it. Well, some may read but they rarely get time to understand or meditate on the word. They are ministers of the Lord, right? They are already sanctified and do not need to bother themselves in reading boring scriptures – That’s what some think.

I have seen them chatting during service and giggling as they scroll streams of feed in their phones. Just check in your church how many of them are attentive. We, the church normally ignore that because we think they are also ministering the word with the pastor, like they had gone through his notes before.

There are frequent music practice sessions during the week and some think that when they pray or have their mini Bible study session that’s it. Their spiritual activity is always mainstream in the church but not when they are alone in their chambers. That’s the time to check that Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and or do other chores. They are from work, you know, they must be tired.

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I have intentionally asked basic Christian questions, let’s say a popular verse to so the e of people I know from praise and worship but sadly they knew nothing. It is sad that many think that by serving, they learn and do not need to do that on their own.

Some have idolized their pastor or worship leader. Whatever the worship leader or pastor says, that’s final. If they have the pastor’s final word or revelation on a word, that’s it. They would not go meditate on the word again. I love how Pastor Thuo puts it, “Find and source for your own devotion, don’t rely on others’ that one has got no meat, it has been chewed for you.”

In general, most of the praise and worship members are not rooted to the word because they do not read it. Their relationship with the church is through the worship leader or the pastor or someone they wish to be like in the group and thus they define their salvation.

A wavy line is so easy to modify but a straight line needs more skills and creativity. The devil has to disarm the praise and worship guys by keeping the word far away from them so that he can ruin them.

But why the praise and worship or the choir? The devil was the angel of music but he was full of pride and he had to be sent down. I tell people that the devil will only take the world with what he is good at, music. In short, what you listen do defines you (A post coming soon on this).

When ANY singer stands on the altar leading people to worship, he is taking the devil’s former place. How far does one go protecting what they love? Miles right? The Devil will do what it takes to put down whatever and whoever wants to take his place. Therefore when one sings in praise and worship or the choir, they are not just merely singing, they are waging war against the devil.

Does this explain the pride? Yes, many people in the praise and worship or choir are very proud. They associate with certain people, their talk and walk define them and the praise they get from men crowns them. They now serve themselves and it becomes about them. But we all know that God is a jealous God and that’s why He humbles them in a very sad way.

Usually, God gives warnings. I believe. God disturbs your peace, God disturbs your environment, that’s how He communicates and all you have to do is listen. But do our guys from praise and worship get time to listen? Do we in the congregation take time to listen?

Max Ehrman’s poem Desiderata says, ‘Listen to the dumb and the ignorant, they too have their story.’ That is perhaps the most amazing line I have ever read in life. Sadly our people from the worship do not listen. Pride doesn’t give them the chance to hear from others.

They love independence and positive criticism, they want people to pamper them with sweet words of praise but always defend when they are told that they were off key, they were inaudible, they shouldn’t be singing such and such voice etc.

While I may seem to attack praise and worship guys, I can freely say am not perfect. Am also full of filth, maybe worse. I regard myself, dirty, a sinner unworthy to point fingers. Kindly note that I am not pointing fingers but I am trying to decipher where the problem comes in. And what is the remedy?

Church, if you are a Church going Christian and you criticize others based on their visible sin; that pregnancy, the fact that you heard so and so did this or that then know that you are maybe worse than them. Who are you to condemn others?

But the Bible tells me to judge those inside the Church and to expel the wicked from among us. Yes, it does, (Well, maybe you never knew that. Read your Bibles) but when, where, under which circumstances? What was the context? Have you taken time to listen and meditate on that word?

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Christians, we are our own enemies. Because you lied to your kids this morning and this guy impregnated a girl that doesn’t make you holier. Your sin also counts. Because his sin is bigger in human eyes, that doesn’t liquidify your sin done in secret. Away with the name-calling and gossiping. Are you the same person who is supposed to reach the gay or the lesbian. Are you the same person who will defend your faith to an atheist? While holding a hand of a fellow believer proves futile?

Many Churches preach of love but very few exercise it. The Bwana Asifiwe (Praise God) and Yesu ni Bwana (Jesus is Lord) phrases are quick on our lips as introductory and fill in statements in our conversations but what follows is filth. Trash-talk of how so and so (a fellow-believer) did this or that but are actually doing nothing about it. Let’s learn to love each other.

You are riding in the same boat if she got pregnant and she is a worship leader and you committed adultery severally without being caught. In fact if you have ever thought of having sex with someone in your head, or even coveted you are no different from her. You, liar, swindler, idolater, drunkard in the church have an equal chance of forgiveness as the prosecutor, murderer or atheist.

We forget that the bar has been raised and that we can never achieve God’s righteousness. To the worship and choir people, know what position you hold. You are not just mere singers. You are people who bring multitudes before God. You have declared a war with God’s greatest enemy by virtue of standing on that altar.

You do not just jump your way into praise and worship or choir because you sing or you love it, or you have found someone where you belong, or because it completes you. God can command stones to sing for him. He says, you did not chose me but I chose you as in John 15. Apart from him you are NOTHING.

Last time I checked, a part-time Christian cannot defeat a full-time devil. Your midweek and weekend sessions are meaningless if you are trying to defeat a devil working 24/7.

And for those who gave up on Christianity because you got humbled and you couldn’t believe how angels in the congregation turned into devils, understand that we expect to find sinners in Church, not saints. Just like you, they are not perfect and also deserve the same grace as you.

Do not trash talk the Church, congregants or any other person. Who are you to lay judgment on anyone? Maybe you were given over to the world so that your soul may be saved. You do not ‘play with God’ if you fail but choosing the way of eternal fire is not worth it. Get back to church and step by step you will be refined.

Finally, praise & worship and choir people, strive to read the word. Understand and meditate upon it. Take time to listen and understand the word of God. God is always talking through your spirit but the Devil makes you too busy to even concentrate. Fix your holes lest you spend 40 years in this desert of sexual immorality.

Keep tuned for another hot article next Monday.



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Siloma Stephen

Siloma Stephen

I describe myself as simple yet complex, difficult to fathom and a hard nut to crack. I am made of unfailing love, one that sails my boat and oversees my flaws, one that binds me not on any law but nourishes my soul. I write from my soul, generally anything I feel I need to get off my chest most of which is based on my own life experiences, talents, and passions.

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About Author

Siloma Stephen

Siloma Stephen

I describe myself as simple yet complex, difficult to fathom and a hard nut to crack. I am made of unfailing love, one that sails my boat and oversees my flaws, one that binds me not on any law but nourishes my soul. I write from my soul, generally anything I feel I need to get off my chest most of which is based on my own life experiences, talents, and passions.

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About Author

Siloma Stephen

Siloma Stephen

I describe myself as simple yet complex, difficult to fathom and a hard nut to crack. I am made of unfailing love, one that sails my boat and oversees my flaws, one that binds me not on any law but nourishes my soul. I write from my soul, generally anything I feel I need to get off my chest most of which is based on my own life experiences, talents, and passions.

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