20 Most Educated Politicians In Kenya & The Controversial Academic Dwarfs

Ever wondered who are the most educated politicians in Kenya and their counterparts as well; the least educated politicians in Kenya? Read on.


Street Cows of Maasailand

The Street Cows of Maasailand

Most of us know or have heard of street children but have maybe not heard of street cows. According to humanium.org, street children are defined as¬†minors who live and survive on the streets. Street cows on the other hand eat from garbage heaps, cause traffic snarl-ups and break motorists side mirrors in Lang’ata Road.

Climate Change Has Really Affected The Maasai

Climate Change Has Really Affected The Maasai

It is not uncommon to see a Maasai man dressed in his traditional attire in major towns selling leather products. This is because their pastoralist life has been greatly affected by climate change brought about by the privatization of land and agriculture thanks to the death of group ranches.

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