Be Renewed, Transform Your Mind

Be Renewed, Transform Your Mind
Siloma Stephen

Siloma Stephen

Sanctified and soaked in His love!

A Little Story…

I recently posted this on my Facebook timeline


I was then taken back to the years 2013-2016 when I was a religious staunch Christian who used to pray vehemently, serve in Church, youth ministries, and attend ‘life-changing’ Bible Studies. I was in my A-game in matters ‘faith’ and I gave God my all. Sadly, the god giving my A-game is totally different from the one that I know now.

My life was even more miserable but fellow believers promised me that things will get better I just needed to persevere and my true reward will come. There were grain sand of successes that toppled over and I was back to square one.

I started meditating, asking God to reveal Himself to me. I told Him that I wanted to see Him. I literally wanted to interact with Him. Some things (in the Bible) started bothering me. I would ask my pastors questions like, how did Enoch walk with God? Why did God spare some very evil people and others who just messed a little, he mercilessly massacred? I even went on to ask them why Jesus came from the lineage of a prostitute. No one could answer me.

My spiritual fathers at the time were very good in spiritual debates. They were perfect in giving ‘direction’, especially to young people so that they do not fornicate nor engage in debauchery. It was one law after the other. It was always about the Bible saying this about this. It was, do not interact with these kinds of people, do not listen to these genres of music, and do not watch these movies. Holiness was how society viewed you. It was about prayer, fasting, and Bible Study. I felt that the Christian life is a hoax, a jail of rules.

I wanted something different, I wanted to interact with the angelic, I wanted dominion, I wanted to prophesy as Paul said. Because my spiritual authority was someone trained to be spiritual I walked in their shoes and my friends and I led a plastic ‘spiritual’ life called Religion.

Fruitless Bible Studies

Religion made us very bitter, violent, and hopeless. Whenever life was hard, one would be hopeless as there was no one to really look up to. One would get tired of cliche words like ‘God is in control’. One would live in a cycle of getting hopeless, giving up, going astray from your belief, realizing that you are unrighteous, filthy, and sinful, guilt would then rip your soul apart and you repent and go back to square one thinking that you have done God a really great favor because He has won your soul again.

We would attend numerous Bible Studies hoping to grow in faith and be like God but the Bible Studies yielded nothing. They only delayed us from ‘sinning’. Sin was a great abomination in Church and in as much as they said ‘come as you are’, one would feel that they do not fit. One would have to continuously ask God for forgiveness because they lusted over some girl as they were going to Church.

I realized that so many people had divergent views during these Bible Studies. Everyone understood the Word in their own way and they had different interpretations. This brought lots of arguments. At times we would be silenced by one who was of greater authority (in our eyes) or one who spoke of hard theological jargon. It was about who had more ‘knowledge’ of the subject and not who had the revelation of the subject.

Fellow believers would not talk to you and seriously avoid you like a plague because you had an argument over a particular subject. Some leaders would invite you to host Bible Studies because you had exciting contrasting views over a particular subject. It was about influence and looking knowledgeable in the Word. The one who had crammed more Bible verses had more rank than one who just listened and meditated on God in his own space.

I would see the hate among believers. Church compounds turned to spaces of gossip. Gossip of who did this or that, church leaders and ministers drama, small talk about how some who look holier than thou were spotted in certain places that could not be mentioned in Church environments, etc.

Righteousness was defined as the ability to pray and fast for more days, wholesome giving, and lots of serving. Sunday was holier than other days because God rested and He kept it Holy. It was presumed that there is double punishment if one sinned on a Sunday. People actually hated each other but would give wild smiles whenever they met so that they would look holy. Most of the hatred was due to the different and divergent views of the Word of God. The Word actually split people away from each other instead of bringing people together because people were emotionally tied to their own beliefs.

The True Faith

Because He fulfills the desires of our hearts. I found a home. A home where all the previous knowledge of who I knew God to be was formatted. I met different kinds of people who were just odd at the time. I met people who saw things, people who dreamt things, and who prophesied things that came to pass. I was in awe.

I now lived in the revelation of the Word of God other than cramming it. I never again found myself in small talk and I went deeper into newer dimensions. I gained dominion over what was truly mine and I was in a place of power and authority, fearing no one and nothing. I was free. This new group of people called themselves remnants.

I got to know the truth and truly the truth set me free. I was drawn to a deeper force a force that kept ushering me deeper into the heavenlies. Slowly, I also started seeing things and even started manipulating them in the spiritual. The greatest thing that I ever learned was to extend grace.

I learned to love without thinking of bitter past relationships I had with that person. I learned not to revenge and resent others for things they did to me. I learned to let it go and stop fighting battles that had worn me out in the past. I stopped being envious of others and I let Him fight my battles so that I can rest and happily dwell in His secret place.

How did I achieve this? Well, it started with a desire. A desire I had ever since I was a kid, a desire of the supernatural. I wanted to walk with God but religion taught me it is about vehemently reading the word, praying, fasting, and being perfect but I terribly failed. I am not saying that praying and fasting is bad but doing it because you have to do it or because you are a Christian wouldn’t yield you anything. You have to get into a space with God where you do it because you want to do it.

God is really not concerned about what you do BTW. God is concerned with your heart. That’s why one in their ‘holiness’ would not find favor but a prostitute like Rahab will. That is why someone like Cain who murders and answers God the way he wants gains favor and God protects Him. God would have stricken him dead as He has to some people in the Bible.

Guys, it is time not to just about reading your Bible and praying every day, no, that is religion. Why do you do it? I usually tell my team, “If you do not feel like praying, fasting, or giving please don’t, go eat pizza. The day you decide to give, give from your heart. From your bosom.” God loves a cheerful giver. Cheerful givers do not give because they have to or because they want to show off. No! They give from their hearts.

So do not go to Church because it is Sunday. Go because it comes from deep within you. Don’t make it a routine. Some Christians actually boast that they have not missed Church for a whole year. Meditate on the word of God – simply think about the Lord, in the car, in the office, or when you are pooping.

Just think about the glory, majesty, and love of God. Think about how you can walk with Him in the heavenlies, how you can dominate this earth and regain your true position. Slowly re-configure your consciousness from the pre-constructed religious God into one who will reveal Himself to you in His own way and see what happens.

We are the true remnants of God, we have one voice, one call, and one accord. We are here to dominate and take over. We are unstoppable, fearless, and have authority in heaven and on earth. As God is, so are we. You know what? I just described you, it is now up to you to believe and run away with it.


A lot of Christians out there are bitter about God because of what they undergo. They have a false belief of who He truly is. They are still under the law because they are blinded by the spirit of religion.

Silomasays exists to uproot religion from its roots from the hearts of many Christians and minister the true word of God (the Rhema). Silomasays strives to awaken the Church through Spirit-filled articles.

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“Believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. Believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.” – 2nd Chronicles 20:20

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