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I Was All Smily While Everyone Was Crying About Their 2019

I Was All Smily While Everyone Was Crying About Their 2019

Does this title make you say, “This guy doesn’t really know what he is talking about?” Or “This is just a spoilt kid who had a smooth 2019?” Yeah, then you are reading the correct post. Maybe you want to tell me to stop generalizing matters and my smiley 2019 is not a one-fit-all year for everyone.

Well, I realized that most people love complaining a lot, and about everything for that matter. When I wake up in the morning and switch on my Tv, there are panelists and ‘experts’ debating on a citizen’s complaint on the current economy or on how the government doesn’t give a hoot about them. When I go to work, I hear my fellow workmates complaining about their meager salary, how the boss is bossy and cold-blooded. They complain about the CBA, the budget cuts and how poor the working environment has become.

When we meet up with friends and colleagues, they complain about the cost of living, how nasty and untrustworthy people have become these days, etc. And when I finally get back home and decide to relax skimming social media, I see how people are getting personal to the larger population with sad posts accompanied with sad selfies (IKR ?) with captions like ‘It shall be well’ and ‘This too shall pass’. That’s when previous dirty posts of ‘Life is sweet b*****’ are masked with ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ and ‘The blessings of the Lord…’.

I realized that when life is all sweet and amazing people do their best to show off and when it is all raining gloom and brimstone some succumb to self-pity because things are not going their way. Others are deeply depressed and unfortunately commit suicide or scare that they want to. This mostly affected the younger generation who are always bubbly on life matters wanting things to always go their way.

So, has life been hard for me in 2019? Yes. Did the economy affect me too? Yes. Was I hospitalized for weeks? Yes. Did I feel like quitting? Yes. So what made me smile my way through it?

I realized that most of us (especially young people) are used to the ‘baba usilie’ (my child do not cry) phrase so much that even when we are full-grown adults we just want to keep crying so that someone can pity and sooth them. Most people are crying in the media and on social media and telling others about their problems not knowing they too have problems of their own. This is why in our country, so many people are desperate; desperate for that fancy life (and that’s why companies have ads just right for you – talk of consumerism), for love, for instant blessings, etc. That’s why so many people have been swindled by rogue pastors and con-people.

Why do I smile every time despite what is going on in my life? What is my secret?

I realized that no one should promise me blessings because I was blessed 2,000 years ago. I should just receive my blessing (sounds simple right?). I realized that I have been in this shaky boat of doubt thinking that by not being religious, I will be punished by God and will not receive His blessings. I have always known that food should be prayed for every single moment, I should wake up in the morning (before demons do) to pray, I should go high up the mountains, in the forests to pray, I should know the Bible inside out and cram all the verses that matter and I should not miss Church because the Almighty will punish me making me live in bondage and in fear. But He came to set the captives free didn’t He?

I always knew that every year is going to be my year and that God has planned something new for me, of course, Jeremiah 29:11 says so. I knew that 12:01 am of the start of every new year should find me in Church praying for that new year, casting demons and bad things of the previous year so that they do not follow me as I open this new chapter. Well, all that was/is religion, something that I used to criticize so much and always emphasized that Jesus came to proclaim freedom from religion.

Am I saying that going to Church is bad? No. Reading the Bible? No. Praying? No.

But what if you changed everything about yourself and what you believed/believe in and believe in the Holy Spirit? The God inside you? How about you realized that you were set free 2,000 years ago? I mean, free indeed? How about I told you your sins are already forgiven? But does this give you a leeway to sin? No. How many times have I said and PROCLAIMED that this is going to be my year? Many. How many times have I said that maybe that wasn’t God’s year? Wait, some years are not Godly? How many Bible verses do I know? Many. How many do I act on? Some. Did I seek God with all my heart and his righteousness? I thought so until I realized I was seeking more theology, more Greek and Hebrew meaning of the word until I lost it all.

And that was my light-bulb moment! A realization that I knew more of the ‘word’ and very less of the Word. I realized that the word is not merely studied but meditated on, acted on and buried deep inside the heart. Did I read the word day and night? Yes. Did I even have a yearly timetable of how to read the Bible in a year? Yes. But did I meditate on the word day and night? Did I seek God in truth and in spirit or did I seek to have information about God just like the others or to outshine the rest? I have always told my friend that I rather know one Bible verse like, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”  and for a full year, I meditate on it day and night and apply it on every sphere of my life rather than know the Bible inside out and still remain a wretched scholar similar to a heathen.

I had to forget everything I knew about God (which was very hard), and let Him reveal myself to me. I had to snap out of religion that told me to do this and don’t do this. I had to seek the light (which automatically dispelled the darkness), realize I am not filthy as my church taught me, know that I am righteous, blessed (even in my sin), and extremely loved and no one can tell me otherwise.

I just had to practice a verse we crammed since we were kids, Phillipians 4:4 – “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice”. Simple! Do we have a failing economy? Rejoice. Do you have a terminal illness? Rejoice because you are already healed, you just have to tap into that. Do we have rains? Rejoice. Does your area have floods? Rejoice. Are others complaining? Rejoice! But how do you rejoice in the Lord while it is all doom in your life? Well, just starve those negative thoughts that tell you not to rejoice. Starve those thoughts that tell you not to be glad. Starve those thoughts that tell you that you are not healed, that you are not loved, not special, not destined for greatness, etc. If you just knew how much God loved you and how special you are, you will smile your way to heaven.

2020 is here and it is just an ordinary year like 2019 or 2012. Maybe the previous years were ordinary to you (because you allowed them to be). How about you made 2020 special by changing your thoughts, your beliefs and your stand? How about you seek wisdom and knowledge from the Spirit and not from man? How about you seek God in truth and in spirit?

Always smile. They say it is the shortest distance between two people. No matter the situation, choose to be positive. Talk to that cold person. I always say, “Don’t let the other person change who you are?’ Smile while you still have teeth. Happy New Year 2020!


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