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If You Want to Be a Part of the 1%, You Can’t Live Like the 99%

If You Want to Be a Part of the 1%, You Can’t Live Like the 99%

“I want to be a billionaire.”

“I want to own a house in Karen.”

“I want to invest a lot in real estate.”

“I would like to lose weight this year.”

“I want to stop abusing drugs this year.”

“I want to be a responsible parent.”

“I want to start my own company.”

They said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Apparently, this single step is not so common to most people because everyone wants to wake up either rich or having achieved their goals in a single night. Do they follow their ocassional WhatsApp and Instagram quotes that say, “Patience is Key?”

Most people have goals in life. Most of them sound amazing to the ears of those who listen to them but remain just a passing phrase to the one saying them. Over the years I have heard my friends’ plans and I got very challenged. More than once, I asked myself, “What am I doing with my life?” Sooner or later, I came to realize that my friend’s intimidating plans were just mere words that never came to fruition.

It is so easy to read a quote like ‘If You Want to Be a Part of the 1%, You Can’t Live Like the 99%’ but it becomes challenging implementing it. This is just the same as the many Christians who know the Bible inside out but cannot live by any verse written in the book. So why is it so easy to merely say, “This year, I am going to do this and this.” And you do totally nothing?

The 26 richest people on earth in 2018 had the same net worth as the poorest half of the world’s population, some 3.8 billion people. 42 million people, or 0.8 percent of the world’s population, have net worths in excess of $1 million – Oxfam

Many people want to make it. Most have big dreams and plans. According to Oxfam, only 0.8% of the world’s population have net-worths in excess of $1M. So what do these people do differently from the remaining 99.2%? This is what forms the basis of this post.

Forget the motivational speakers who tell you about how they started their 5-star hotel with just three bean seeds and a grain of wheat. Forget your pastor who tells you that every year is going to be your year. Well, every year is your year. Forget those negative peeps who tell you that we are all not destined for greatness. We all are. If we weren’t then the Bible could be addressing us personally with full names, tribe, and birthmarks not everyone.

We all want things but we do not want to do things. We all want a beautiful life with unending wealth, health and prosperity but do we work towards it? How many people have been wanting to lose weight since the beginning of time but are still obese? How many have wanted to become sober but still blame the bad company they have? How many have wanted to be wealthy but still make excuses like, “If only my father took me to school” or “If only my parents did not die when I was young?”

I have come to realize that everything is a choice and this choice starts from the inner you. No amount of motivational talk, praying, fasting, reading will help if you have not made this choice (I am not insinuating that these are bad), This is why the Bible says that faith without action is dead. This why Jesus asked the invalid man a simple question, “Do you want to get well?”

From this choice then comes the decision. From the decision comes the action which is stamped by consistency. If I want to lose weight then I will have to check my diet and probably start working out. If I want to be rich then I have to choose to be rich. I have to make decisions around my new goals and act on them. I will then stamp this with consistency – this simply means do or die; that no matter how vague and crazy my dreams may seem, no matter how many times I have failed, I simply have to be consistent with what I want, being rich. No matter how many times a toddler falls why trying to walk, they don’t quit and say “Probably this ain’t for me.”

But what did the invalid tell Jesus? “Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am on my way, someone else goes in before me.” – John 5:7.

Many are not different from the invalid in the Bible. Many say, “You know in our lineage no one has ever been rich?” or “You know our family has a history of asthma and diabetes so I don’t think I can get healed from this disease.” or “You know I am not well educated like the rest so I don’t think I will make it in life.” Jesus just asked a simple yes or no question. And life constantly does the same.

Many people get comfortable with who they are, they get discouraged by what other people (apparently, losers) think or say about them. Many people always ask themselves the question, “But what will they think about me?” And be sure the devil wants you to think that way. Very few are crazy enough to go to a showroom and ask the price of a house in the suburbs while they own completely nothing. Very few can sit down and think of “What if I had $1M.” That explains why we hear very crazy comments when one wins $10,000. We hear things like, “I will buy a plot of land, build a house, educate my children and the rest buy a motorbike.”

I know of very many uneducated rich people, I know of highly successful differently-abled persons. Are successful people any different biologically? Do they have more complex DNA than the rest? Are people who have overcome drugs and alcohol differently fashioned? Remember that they were once wasted. It all seems easy in the before and after photos. What most people don’t tell you is that there were a lot of sacrifices made. There was dedication, consistency and never giving up.

Is salvation that easy too? Matthew 16:24 says: Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. Well, it seems so hard at first until when Jesus tells you, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” So, is salvation easy? Yes, Absolutely Yes! If you did deny yourself, denied yourself the sweet pleasures of this world, then yes! Can we apply this to every sphere of our lives? Again, absolutely yes! Is being rich easy? If you deny yourself the sweet, addictive sleep and the intriguing binge-watchable series. If you starved the thought of being poor, if you changed your mentality and the company of fools and if with all your heart you gave your all in your goals in life, then it becomes so easy. Why? You will be used to the rich mentality and this makes you live like the 1%.

So what do the 99% do? Probably what you are doing? They are on this ship to nowhere and in front of them is this haze. They follow the masses. They do things because other people do them. Their goals are pegged onto other peoples’. They buy cars because their friends have them, they live in expensive houses because they are competing with the world and show off because they have to look like they have made it.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. What do you seek? You may seek something but in the end, you will find that you are still empty, poor and desolate. Be sure not to finish a long wrong race successfully. 

If you want to be part of the 1% you can't live like the 99%
If you want to be part of the 1% you can’t live like the 99%


You know that makes me among the 1%? I spent 4 hours writing this post. Loved this post? Why don’t you subscribe?

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