“I Longed To Be Their Househelp.” is an intriguing and captivating story about this Tanzanian young girl whose mother was a house help in Mr. and Mrs. Kamau’s home in Kenya. Her late mother was her only role model in life. She wanted to be a house help as well but after clearing primary school her mother sent her to work at a friend’s bar and restaurant in Arusha. Read how she braces all odds to become a successful young lady later in life.

This book is just amazing. I love the twist. I thought when the sponsors came, that's when the girl made it.

Ogola Jr.

So touching. Yaani, I am just motivated. This book Siloma is just incredible. I actually cried real tears.


As an avid reader of Silomasays articles, I just had to buy this book and to be honest, I am inspired.

Judith Wairimu

Intriguing like no other!

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