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#BoyChildKE - Stop Trying To Impress Girls Who Don't Give A Hoot About You

#BoyChildKE – Stop Trying To Impress Girls Who Don’t Give A Hoot About You

Dear young man, if she doesn’t create time for you, she is definitely creating time for someone else.

If she treats you like garbage there is definitely someone else who she treats like a prince.

If she cannot accept your flaws, she will never accept who you are no matter how many times you pamper her with goodies. She will always want you to be perfect.

If she just sees you as a dry plank of wood when you are broke she will never see the forest of wisdom and knowledge in your brain.

If all she sees in you is material wealth. She will never see something else. If she pushes you yo do nonsensical things, she will do that forever.

If she doesn’t see a life of ‘us’, a life of ‘we’ or doesn’t see a future with you, you will just remain to be that temporary shade or an ATM machine. How long do you want to be an M-PESA agent?

If all you send is fare and data bundles, if all you do is take her out and spend cash on her, for how long will you sustain her?

Do not be confused by her ‘I love you’ and ‘You are so sweet’ statements – actions speak louder than words. Do not be enticed by sex, you will not be horny forever. Let not her body be your target, take a look at your grandmother, she will look like that someday.

Even if she compliments you a million times, let not mere words of affirmation fool you because someone has perfectly mastered your love language. Don’t stick to her because she takes you out or brings you gifts, it may be an investment, you know?

I hear so many men saying all women are the same but have they tasted them all? Not all women are the same. There are amazing girls out there, girls who see a future in who they date. There are wise girls who want to make a better version of you. There are far much better girls out there who do not care about you being broke but your personality. I know you will ask me, “But where are they?”

Most will tell you to stop looking at beauty but I ask them, “Do you want to mean that there are no beautiful, wise, heaven-stamped girls out there?” There is someone for everyone, there is nothing like your rib was used to boil soup. Additionally, it depends on your personality, you attract who you are. Do you want a wise chic? Be wise as well. Do you want a mature and responsible wife? Be that person.

Stop trying too hard. Stop pushing yourself to the limit in finding someone. Stop doing stuff because you were told to do them by others. Do not succumb to pressure because your friends seem to be in mature relationships. Do not be desperate. I want you to believe and KNOW that your amazing, mature, wise, and responsible girl is on her way. I want you to know that you deserve better. They say that if you have not found your Eve, you are probably the snake, well, you are not.

Again stop trying to impress girls who do not give a hoot about you.

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