What is Truth

What is Truth?

Man has got an innate yearning for the truth. It is in his nature to seek that which is undisputed. But what is the truth and where is it found?

I Got Healed of Seizures

I Got Healed From Seizures

I cherished the life of a street boy or a beggar so long as I never got those crazy seizures. I prayed for death just to end the pain. All I wanted was Healing.

Impossibility is A Myth

Impossibility is A Myth

Impossibility is a myth. Anything that contradicts to what God says about man that, ‘All things are possible’ then whatever it is, is not true.

You Are An Overcomer, Period!

Hey, you are an overcomer. You are smart. No one else in creation can match your splendour. You can do anything and everything. Impossibility is a myth to you.

What is Religion

What is Religion?

Religion makes you conscious of sin and fear. It teaches that you have to be perfect to be accepted but Christ says, “Come as you are.”