Walk With God

Walk With God
Siloma Stephen

Siloma Stephen

Sanctified and soaked in His love!

The Lord I knew

Lots of people think that just because one is a ‘Christian’ they are walking with God. Most people think that because they go to Church and attend eye-opening Bible studies, they are walking with God. Well, that was the story of my life quite a while back. What you are about to read now is the new narrative.

I would never miss serving in Church let alone missing the sermon itself. I would not miss weekly Bible Studies. I would also pray hard. I would bind the devil with heavy words because Church taught me that a good Christian wages good warfare. Whenever I faced turbulent times, fellow believers told me that this world is not our home and our war is not of flesh and blood but of principalities and dark demons.

I frequently lost hope in my journey of faith. I wondered why God was so unfair. I wondered why this God would bring us to this world to fight the devil and He says He is our protector. The world taught me that life is unfair and that we will have fun and eternal life in heaven but we are supposed to suffer on earth.

I kept meditating and asking myself what kind of a barbaric God I serve. Deep inside I knew that there is more. I knew that there is more than just serving in Church and testifying that Christ is Lord. I wondered why God manifested Himself to people like Moses, Noah, Paul, and the like but not me. I yearned to experience Him.

How Does One Walk With God?

All through the Bible, I noticed ‘weird’ things most of which my pastors could not answer. I, for example, asked, “Why does Rahab, a prostitute get spared by God for sheltering Israel’s spies and Achan just sins once and he gets murdered together with his descendants?”

Why does God use Moses? A murderer? Why does He appear to him in his casual business of tending sheep? Why does God allow Jacob to steal his inheritance from Esau and not strike him with lightning? I never got answers to these questions, I was taken round in circles with theological terms. I later came to realize that I was asking the wrong people, wrong in the sense that they just learned about God through books but did not actually walk with Him.

We are told that “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” – Genesis 5:24

I pondered on this verse for quite a while. I wondered what the Bible means when it says that Enoch walked with God until he was no more. But how? We later see in Genesis 32:22-31 Jacob wrestling with God. How do you wrestle your creator?

Religion taught me that God doesn’t manifest Himself like in the last days because there is an increase of sin in the world. It taught me that I am unworthy of God’s manifest presence because I am sinful. Religion taught me that I am unrighteous. It is sad that it contradicted itself by preaching to me that Jesus loves me as I am, He will never leave me nor forsake me and I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Enoch walked with God. Was it physically? Was there a specific place he would go and meet God and have a chat as they walked? Did he have a specific time that he would meet Him? If he got late, would God be disappointed in Him? How did he exactly walk with Him?

Okay, let me mess you up, “There is nothing physical about you!”

You are fully spiritual, the flesh is just a covering of who you truly are. The Bible says that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in truth and in Spirit – John 4:24. Do you know that you are made in the image and likeness of God?

So let’s rephrase this and say, “God is Spirit and those who walk Him must walk with Him in the Spirit.” In short, Enoch walked with God in the Spirit. Anyone who is of God walks with Him in the Spirit, not through the experience of others or worldly knowledge.

We are told that Enoch walked with God until he was no more. How exactly did he become no more?

It simply means that Enoch moved from glory to glory. He was so much likened to God that men could no longer fathom the person he had become. God’s glory was so powerful on him that he could no longer live among humans and that’s why God took him.

We continue to see that glory even in his offspring. Enoch was the father of Methuselah, the man who lived longest in the Bible (969 years). This was not a coincidence.

My Walk With God

So how do you walk with God? Perhaps this question would best be answered by how I started walking with God. I have always had the desire to interact with God Himself. I have always had the desire to live a supernatural life; to interact with angels, to prophesy, to have foreknowledge of things, etc.

I first had to change my mindset. I had to change my consciousness and flee away from religion. So what is religion? Well, religion is from the devil. Religion is simply; having baseless arguments about God, condemning others because they sin differently from you, condemning yourself for missing Church or Bible Study, thinking that going to church every Sunday will make you a saint, thinking that Sunday is a holier day than others, etc. It is simply living under the law that Jesus abolished.

I chose to eat from the tree of life and not the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I totally had a mind shift and chose to focus on a new God. I had to format the old definition and knowledge of a God that was implanted in me. I wanted to know the God who created me, the God who would feel more than a father and not a dictator waiting to punish me for my sin.

I started asking this new God questions. I asked Him deep questions that a normal Christian wouldn’t for fear of being struck by lighting. I yearned for Him. I actually was never asking Him these questions through prayer but in my meditations during my strolls or work moments. I would talk to Him like we were two buddies having a casual moment.

God truly searches the heart and those who yearn for Him in their hearts truly find Him. At first, I would get a haze of doubtful answers which would tell me that I am doing something very stupid. Something was telling me that I need to get real, that God is not my age mate. But I discerned that these voices were from the devil and went deeper. I started getting firm responses that I knew were God’s.

I thank God for Limitless Worship, a place where all my questions were answered and a new creature born out of me. I started praying in tongues, a coded language that the devil cannot fathom. This quickened my walk with God and still exposes me to greater levels of wisdom and understanding. I was surely born into a new being who loves deeply and extends grace.

It will be weird to some of you if I told you that I have seen things through the Spirit of God. An example is that the Spirit has led me to pray for a certain friend and gave me the burden to call him. After calling him two very great miracles had happened in his life.

Sometimes the Spirit would tell me exactly where to park even before arriving to work. He would tell me that my usual parking space is taken and I should not bother. We have gotten so intimate that He would tell me, “Siloma, I have missed you come let’s hang out!” He would tell me to partner all my cash to His ministry and remain with zero shillings and would assure me that all will be well. Sometimes I would remain with very little money and He would tell me to go hang out and treat myself like a king and guess what, things got better.

Sometimes, when I want to partner, He would tell me to stop because I am doing it religiously and not from my heart. I have seen so many things in my dreams that were just so real in the physical. He has explained to me vividly about my dreams and the directions to take in life. I have loved Him more than anything in the physical and I find myself walking with Him most times.

I literally forgot how to pray in any other language apart from tongues. I do not get tired and the deeper I go, the more time I want to spend with Him. He is literally a real person to me. He walks with me. He tells me what to do.

There was no other way to explain how to walk with God apart from testifying what the Spirit does. You see, previously I was in a religious church that really concentrated on sin and the cross. It was all about sin, sin, sin and I was really trying in my physical power to evade sin. Now, I know about the resurrection power. I know about the helper sent to me. The helper who cares less about my sin. And guys let me mess you up again, “BTW if you guys knew how God really cares less about your sin, you would not be condemning yourself the way you are.” Anyway, story for another day.

Well, I hope you have learned how to walk with God. It starts from where you are. You gotta get out from a click that doesn’t build you, one that makes you eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Change your thinking, change your consciousness. Flee from baseless arguments ati you know according to Paul, according to Timothy, oooh, secular vs Spiritual – I wish you knew what God has in store for you.

God wants you to take dominion, God wants you to heal, He wants you to prophesy, He wants you to be wealthier than the richest in this world, He wants you to be a kingdom financier, a restraining power but I assure you you won’t get to that level if you are still searching Him in theology and having baseless arguments of wine and alcohol and who is right and who is wrong.


A lot of Christians out there are bitter about God because of what they undergo. They have a false belief of who He truly is. They are still under the law because they are blinded by the spirit of religion.

Silomasays exists to uproot religion from its roots from the hearts of many Christians and minister the true word of God (the Rhema). Silomasays strives to awaken the Church through Spirit-filled articles.

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“Believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. Believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.” – 2nd Chronicles 20:20

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